Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tips for your Central PA Summer Wedding

 Last July, I got to photograph a gorgeous summer wedding. Erica, the bride, is one creative and fun dairy-farming-bride! Maybe you'll be inspired by some of Erica and Matt's awesome ideas for a Central Pennsylvania wedding on one of the hottest days of the year. If you are planning a summer wedding, I hope you find inspiration from their beautiful celebration.

1. If people ask you how they can help, ask them to grow you some flowers. Flowers are expensive, but if you're getting married in Pennsylvania in the summer, you can grow wedding flowers in your backyard. In PA, the soil is great and summer is when everything is in bloom anyway. Maximize your growing space by "farming out" the flower pots to friends and neighbors. Offer to give them seeds or tell them what colors and flowers you want for chapel displays, table centerpieces, and corsages. Give your flower-growing-friends enough notice so the flowers can be mature enough to cut for your wedding.

Here are some photographs of the lovely floral arrangements from Matt and Erica's wedding.

2. Serve something cold. If you are planning an outdoor wedding reception (and I recommend that you do, if you want the very best photos of your reception), you have to keep your guests cool. Erica served up smoothies at a smoothie bar during "cocktail hour" to refresh her wedding guests. To DIY smoothies, Erica and her family prepared smoothie kits with raspberries, peeled bananas, and yogurt in small freezer bags then kept them in the freezer until the big day. Her smoothie helpers just blended the pre-packaged smoothie  bags with some milk for a sweet and fruity drink. Try adding mango and coconut milk or a can of pineapple for a more tropical flavor, and watch your guests slurp them down!

3. Wear a short wedding dress. If you've always dreamed of having your wedding outdoors among the flowers and trees in the sweet summer air, consider adding a shorter style wedding dress to your dream to keep you cool. Erica looks so stylish in her short gown, and it kept her from overheating in the 100 degree weather. Can't picture yourself in a short gown? Try one on anyway, you might like it. Or, consider waiting until the early evening for your reception to beat the heat of mid-day and keep your long flowing dress plans.

Check out how gorgeous Erica's gown is. She maximizes her elegant long neck with the up-do and the low back of the dress. In her hair, one of the homegrown flowers!

4. Milk and wedding cookies! Erica and Matt served a tasty array of cookies along with their wedding cake for dessert. What goes best with cookies? Milk! I was so happy to see a big cooler of icy milk cartons next to the cookie table. Individual servings of milk are an easy party beverage because you don't have to pour them or provide extra glasses. Erica and Matt are both dairy farmers, so cold milk was a must-have. Even if you aren't the daughter of a dairy farmer, cold milk with homemade cookies is just the kind of detail that will please your guests of all ages.

Best wishes planning your summer wedding! If you want gorgeous photos of all your wedding details, give me a call: 717-461-0056. Need a Central Pennsylvania wedding photographer? I still have some dates available this summer. I would love to help you make your summer wedding a cool success.

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