Friday, January 16, 2009

Raquel & Ben

Talk about photogenic. Aren't they cute together?


Teeners said...

Darling. I so wish that you were here so that you could take pictures for me! Oh well!

Katie said...

I totally know her! Hahahahaha! BYU really does make this planet a small world. She was in the one Spanish class that Alex and I took together. Ha! :) Great pictures.

P.S. How long ago were these pictures taken? Because a.) you haven't been in Provo in a while and b.) I'm pretty sure she's in my stake now... which is all married student wards. (Duh, and none of these pictures have snow. Okay, okay, I guess I'm just a little slow tonight. As ususal.)

Ben and Raquel said...

hey, that's us! Jesse came and showed me your're really great! I love the pictures of the little girl, Kaitlyn! girl, you got talent! haha, how're you doing??!